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K-WON Co, .Ltd BEAUTY AND HEALTH K-won firmly stand as one of reputable manufacturers for personel care products,Nickel foot callous remover & nail file nickel sheet with endless studying, developing and technical innovation.
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CEO's Greetings

Established in 2003, our corporate goal is to provide beauty and health to the entire world by producing small but high-quality products.


From the start, K-WON provided high-quality products of reasonable price to consumers
This success stems from the belief that products hold value only when their quality
is controlled under a plan.
Various designs and colored products of K-WON are products customers need reflecting
their taste under the corporate policy of "satisfying the maximum number of customers"
and designed seriously embracing the egonomics concept.
K-WON firmly stands as one of the most reputable manufacturers of personal care
products,nickel foot callous remover & nail file nickel sheet through ceaseless research,
development and technical innovation.
But K-WON will not stand satisfied with the current success.
K-WON will do its best to win over other global competitors under the spirit of speedy
delivery, design development,and production cost reduction.
K-WON will keep its promise to improve the lifestyle and satisfaction of consumers and
provide best quality and best price products to the entire world.

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