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Nickel Callus Remover
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What is nickel callous remover?

A nickel callous remover is a product to improve the safety and cleanliness of existing callous removers
using sand paper, stainless, light stone, etc.
Existing callous removers using sand paper had the demerit of losing effect with use.
Further, they are not clean as dead skin and sand powder fall apart simultaneously.
To use products with pressed stainless and light stone is inconvenient for they are to be used only after
soaking dead skin.
Further, they have the danger of damaging pure skin possibly causing microbism.
Water becomes dirty as dead skin and light stone fall apart together.
The K-won nickel callus remover is a product complementing the demerit of existing products and
designed to use on round corners of feet without having to soak dead skin in water.
Dead skin will be removed very effectively in all direction as nickel is processed at the micro unit level.
In addition, it is harmless to the human body as it uses pure nickel of 100 percent nickel ion.
Nickel? It is rustiess, unchangeable materials used for electronic razor, coins, water purifier filter, musical instrument key.
Characteristics Of K-Won nickel callous remover
 It is very useful and effective to use k-won nickel callous removers after selecting grade of nickel by degree,
 thickness, position and, status of dead skin. It also has merit to use by wide range of user.
Grade Grit
 It is very effective to protect athlete’s foot, eczema with the function of its own specific antibiosis, deodorization
 It is safe and does not damage skin as nickel processed at the micro unit level is used.
Enlarged photo of K-Won Nickel Callous Remover
 It will keep its shape as if new as it uses nickel materials with five times better durability than general iron
 and twice that of stainless steel.
Made 100 percent of nickel, it removes callous without damaging the skin and sterilizing and oder removing functions intrinsic to nickel effectively prevent athle's foot and eczema.
- Uses Nickel in lined metal area.
- Nickel is rustless, unchangeable materials used for electronic razor, coins, water purifier filter,
  musical instrument key.
- It’s soft and durable to keep its shape as new one as using nickel materials.
- It can be usable to use in dry skin.
- It is so safe to use in any direction designed by new nickel coating technology.
- It is clean as it can be washable after using without any blocking by dead skin.

- When you use first, please control your power.
- Do need special care in case of people having sensitive skin.If it happen anything, please stop to use.
- It is much better to use moisture cream after using callous remover.
- Store it away from the reach of children.
- Do not use for any other purpose.
Nickel Callus Remover Foot file
- In the case of sand paper, there is no sand paper for use on human beings.
- It sticks with an industrial glue and easily causes skin trouble and is therefore unsanitary and less effective
  as much sand powder falls when using it.
- As it is usable only after soaking dead skin in water, pressed stainless removers and light stone may
  hurt soft skin.
- This may cause mold formation and germ infection.
- To solve this problem, the nickel callous remover is usable on dry skin and designed for use on the
  curved feet line by sticking a blade on the curve.
- Being processed at the micro unit level, it is usable in any direction to remove dead skin effectively.
- Further, people may select the right product according to the thickness, position, and status of dead skin.
Effect of nickel on skin
- It is harmless as it uses pure nickel of 100 percent nickel ion.
- Given the particular nature of nickel, it is used to sterilize, deodorize, isolate (for internal skin) and for molds
- It is good for skin as it does not harm the skin and has its own embossed structure of blade
  and properties like antibiosis and deodorization.
- It does not rust and has its own properties of nickel like protecting against oxidation.
- It does not wear out easily for it is five times more durable than general metal and twice
  that of stainless steel.
Established in 2003, our company's goal is to provide beauty and health to the entire world by producing
small but high-quality products.
From the start, K-won provided high-quality products at reasonable price to consumers.
This success stems from the firm belief that only products undergoing a planned quality control hold value.
Various designs and colored products of K-won are products customers need reflecting their taste under the
corporate policy of "satisfying the maximum number of customers" and designed seriously encompassing
the economics concept.
K-won firmly stands as one of the most reputable manufacturers of personal care products, nickel foot callous
remover & nail file nickel sheet through ceaseless research, development and technical innovation.
But K-won will not stand satisfied with the current success.
K-won will do its best to win over other global competitors under the spirit of speedy delivery, design
development, and production cost reduction.
K-won will keep its promise to improve the lifestyle and satisfaction of consumers and provide best quality
and best price products to the entire world.
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